Gruppo di rievocazione storica PROGETTO900

With PROGETTO900 the Military History of World War II escapes from the pages of books and from the rooms of museums to return to live again through the various activities that the Group is able to offer. Given its particular interest to the war events that have affected the Italian Front after the events of September 8th 1943, German Soldiers and Partisans Fighters are brought back to life, proposing with precise historical accuracy the events that saw them protagonists.

The Group can properly present reenactors in uniform with great accuracy, trained to interpret their role with professionalism, correct equipment and weaponry of the era, camps, vehicles, traditions of the time, being able to represent the best historical themes treated.

PROGETTO900 takes part in important historical reenactments organized inside and outside our national borders, ranging over a variety of events such as static exhibitions, reconstructions of famous battles, photographic reconstruction , works for television and documentary, for which the Group has gathered a considerable and appreciated experience over the years that places it as a valuable partner for the various productions.

Proceeding in his tireless work of evolution and improvement, PROGETTO900 Reenactors Group gives you its most kind welcome to these pages; if you you are potential partners interested in future collaborations or just have passion for Military History of WWII we thank you for the time that you devote to us.

The President
Marco Mascherpa