Gruppo di rievocazione storica PROGETTO900


Anyone who wants to undertake the activities associated with our historical re-enactment group are required reliability and, of course, necessary enthusiasm and genuine passion that moves us all in this extraordinary adventure.

Initially it will not be necessary to have full equipment to attend the events, because we will provide all the materials needed to let a new member live his first reenacting experience.

Then, gradually, they will need to have their own uniform and equipments, starting from the impression required for the Wehrmacht Heer or Partisan Brigade “Garibaldi”.

The Group leads the new member in the purchases of the impressions, advising him about suppliers and ensuring the quality and correctness of the material proposed. This is an important step as we can keep our uniformity.

It is certainly not recommended wearing original uniforms during reenactments as they could irreparably being damaged during our activities. All this would be an offence to their historical value.

On the other hand is rather welcome the use of some original parts of equipment such as canteens, gas mask containers, gaiters, straps, backpacks, etc.., as they are usually made with leather or metal parts and therefore much less sensitive to damage than the original cloth fabric of the garments. In addition these original items can guarantee a level of correctness which absolutely outclasses most recent reproductions.


Even reenacting with accuracy, there are some limits that we have to put in order to avoid problems with the authorities. It is so strictly forbidden any expression and / or attitude that could constitute the crime of condoning the Nazi-Fascist ideology, and any other political affiliation.

Our activities must be carried in strict compliance with the laws of our Country.


Being a compact group and not a patchwork of people where everyone is acting individually, organization and collaboration between members are the key to the success of any activity.

Therefore before each event are always notified orders aimed at establishing the points for the use of uniforms and equipment.

Compliance with these directives is an essential condition of all our activities, helping the group to keep a good profile with and provide a suitable representation of the context which we reenact.

Members are also recommended in the punctuality of answering the communications, wether to make known their participation in the activities, or to show any problems, request more information, or make suggestions, and more.