Gruppo di rievocazione storica PROGETTO900


PROGETTO900 boasts a ten years experience in collaborating with several production companies and directors, taking part in the making of full-length, short films and documentaries.

In 2003 it made its debut with the movie "Le valigie di Tulse Luper" by Peter Greenaway, and, the following year, took part in the fiction "Le Stagioni del Cuore" by Antonello Grimaldi.

2007 is a year of investments.
First with "Sangue Pazzo" by Marco Tullio Giordana and later, with "Einstein" by Liliana Cavani and "Zoé" by Giuseppe Varlotta.

In 2008 they starred in "L'uomo che verrà" by Giorgio Diritti.

In 2009, PROGETTO900 has starred in an episode of the television documentary "Ulisse– Il Piacere della scoperta", dedicated to the Battle of the Bulge and hosted by Alberto Angela.

In 2011 they started collaborating with young directors interested on bring to the screen facts related to World War II, through the cinematic language of the short film. It began with "Ritorno a Casa" by Paolo Nepi, sponsored by the ANPI (National Association of Italian Partisans) and, later, in 2012, "A Lisio per sempre e anche dopo" by Naomi Balbo.

In 2013, it was the turn of "Un giorno d'agosto" by Ferruccio Sbaffi and Maria Letizia Panighetti.

Also more in 2012, there is also space for the documentary film "Antonio Ligabue, l’uomo" the Director Ezio Aldoni, shot in Gualtieri (RE).
2014 is a year full of activities.
In addition to the commitment with the indipendent production company "Leig Cinema", it followed the documentary "L'Eccidio di Vallarega" by Giacomo Ravenna and the short film "Red Ribbon" by Andrea Marcovicchio.

2015 opens up with the short film "Neve Rosso Sangue" by Daniel D'Aquino, sponsored by the ANPI, which tells the story happened to the Sanctuary of Valmala in march 1945.

A special mention goes to the work of the young director and composer Alessandro Pepe, who has involved PROGETTO900 in a winning partnership for the making of his movie "My Honor Was Loyalty". This ambitious project has been capable of catalyzing around it a great deal of interest and earned prestigious awards in the ambit of international competitions in which he has taken part.

At the end of 2015, the Group is also involved in the filming of two teasers, preparatory to the subsequent implementation of its feature movies. The first of Tatjana Callegari and second of Arnaldo Delehaye ("Bruciate Napoli"), a tribute to the work of Nanni Loy with the film "Le Quattro Giornate di Napoli" of 1962.

In 2016 is the cinematographic work when "Rosso Istria" by Maximiliano Hernando Bruno, produced by Venice Film, still being finalized.