Gruppo di rievocazione storica PROGETTO900

PROGETTO900 Reenactors Group portrays units of the WW2 German Armed Forces and Italian Partisan formations:

German units

The 1st Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, spearhead unit of the Waffen-SS. Staying in Italy for some months in 1943, the Division played an important role in the surrender of the Royal Italian Army and securing the northern part of the Country, in addition to the anti-partisan fightings;

Units of the Heer, the armed ground forces of the Wehrmacht;

Fallschirmjäger units of Luftwaffe, the paratroopers of the german air force;

Auxiliary units of Deutsches Rote Kreuz and civilians;

Partisan formations

Representing the Resistance in Italy can not fail to recall those who, numerically and symbolically, have actually been the main fighting forces among the members of the Committee of National Liberation and the Volunteers Corps for Freedom: the Garibaldi Brigades.

Other smaller units are portrayed, such as the Autonomous Brigades, loyal to the King.

Other units

PROGETTO900 Reenactors Group, if required for completion of the reperesented themes, it can field even uniforms of some units of the Italian Social Republic.


In order to perform different activities, the Group can rely on the possession of numerous weapons, as well as period correct military equipment of various kinds, necessary to reconstruct in detail the context in which the units were operating during the war. Among the heavy weapons available we can make special mention of anti-aircraft gun 2 cm Flugabwehrkanone (FlaK) 38, a mortar 8 cm Granatwerfer (GrW) 34 complete with all accessories, and several heavy tripods for setting up machine gun posts. In addition to this, a large amount of original field camp material and various other accessories allows us to reconstruct extremely detailed military camps of the time.

PROGETTO900 Reenactors Group possesses some historical vehicles such as two side-cars (BMW R12, DKW 350 and ZUNDAPP KS 750) and a light personnel transport (VW Typ 82 Kübelwagen) in the final phase of restoration; besides that, the Group deals with several important Vehicles Club.